Buroj Ozone Teleferic a magnificent experience guaranteed.

The Teleferic (ropeway) line will connect Buroj Ozone to the highest peak which is Igman mountain. The line is approximately 6.5 Km; moving from altitude of 1045 to 1067 m.

The Buroj Ozone Teleferic (ropeway) could be considered an engineering gem. The system of the ropeway is very impressive; defying wind speeds up 100km/h. During the trip of just under 20 minutes between stops, guests can enjoy the fresh air rich with ozone while having the utmost comfort in our very latest cabin model that has a capacity of at least 10 passengers. There will be around 300 cabinets travelling each way every hour and the ropeway system and its cabinets will have the latest technology including an ingenious and innovative energy supply system that even provides seat heating technology.

The required power will be produced by a carriage wheel generator the first of its kind in the world. For maximum safety, the ropeway system will incorporate a recovery concept that will ensure that the cabins can always be brought safely to the nearest stop or rest station in case of an emergency situation that might require evacuation. The ropeway system blends almost unnoticeably with its surrounding environment, moving over large obstacles the ropeway is designed with minimal harm done to the visual impression of its surroundings, making it very Eco-friendly. Along the ropeway, there will be several break stops where people can enjoy the magnificent greenery and nature. The stops will provide access to recreation areas on the mountain, to viewing platforms and restaurants where people can relax and enjoy their break; all while enjoying the fresh and magnificent scenery. In combination with experiential mountain attractions, the ropeway provides a popular means of access for mountain huts or themed hiking trails. Passengers including families, hikers, wheelchair users, and senior citizens are guaranteed a safe and high-comfort ride.

As mentioned above, the teleferic (ropeway) will be connected to Bjelasnica’s mountain Igman. you might know that Bjelasnica was in fact the host of the 1984 winter Olympic games, providing many facilities for ski jumping, skiing tracks, and a lot more. People interested in winter sports can be assured a very safe and fast ride from our city Buroj Ozone to the Bjelasnica mountain. We offer you a great experience with very competitive costs, none of which you have never seen the likes off in all of Europe.