Sports Complex Center

Buroj Ozone sport complex center is one of the many unique and attractive key points of our city.

The sports complex will consist of football, basketball and tennis arenas. It will be built according to the latest technology and according to FIFA and FIBA standards. The complex will provide international teams with everything necessary to guarantee the success of their training camps. Facilities will include fully equipped tools, and enough accommodation space for the whole team. The complex will consist of many different sport facilities. Every facility will include its own set of unique specialized sport arenas. Some of these facilities include: fitness centers, swimming pools, football and basketball fields, as well as tennis courts.

Our Fitness Center will be one of the top fitness centers in the area. It will offer certain privileges to its users, including Fitness Classes, modern gym memberships, mountain climbing, among many others.

The gym hall will be equipped with a variety of fitness and bodybuilding equipment, there will be professional and qualified fitness instructors as well as a medical staff that will be available at the athletes’ disposal. The gym will also include a spa center where different services will be offered to the members, some of these services are solarium, sauna, toning, anti-cellulites massages, among other services.

If you want to spend your time with maximum benefits, this will be the right place for you. Buroj Ozone Sport Complex center will be the largest and most modern sport facility in South Eastern Europe. The sports complex will offer classes in tennis, fitness, aerobics, dancing, yoga, highly effective weight loss programs, spa services and health consultation center.

When it comes to Tennis, there will be tennis courts available for rent, professional tennis couching services, a tennis school for beginners and advanced levels. In addition, there will be some professional senior or corporate tournament Organization. It will be the only place in the region that will be in line with the international standards.

Our facilities will serve as a training ground for the best Bosnian and International teams

Here are several Sports Center Facilities:

  • Central arena with wooden floor and spectator capacity of 1000 people
  • 2 multipurpose arenas with modern TARAFLEX flooring
  • All will be suitable for handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, floorball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, hockey ball, korfball, judo, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, table tennis, badminton, etc.

Other services available by prior agreement:

  • 24-hour hotel reception
  • Wi-Fi network in the entrance hall, Internet center at reception
  • Sports equipment (bicycles, tennis rackets, balls, etc.)
  • Recreation center with pool/billiard table, darts, foosball and table tennis
  • Mini golf course (summer only)

The Sports complex is located in the center of Buroj Ozone city and will provide guests with many options such as food and drinks in the vicinity of the stadium. There will be various restaurants and cafés around the stadium. The area around the Center will be filled with hotels, hostels, and apartment rentals as well.

Buroj Ozone Sport Complex will be a professional training base for national and Olympic teams of many disciplines. The center will be one of the most modern sports centers and will also one of the best rehabilitation centers in South Eastern Europe. The center will also host the best Bosnian and international athletes as well as individual guests. Because of its central location, the complex will be a perfect place for congresses, conferences and integration events. The atmosphere of the sporting arena emanates sport and health, where visitors can get refreshed both physically and mentally. The complex will be secured and monitored around the clock.

The Swimming Pool

Swimming is great at any age. Whether you want to improve your technique, get fit, meet new friends, compete or have fun, you're sure to find a pool session that you'll love. Our Swimming pools will be 50 meters long with at least 8 swimming lanes. The swimming will consist of dressing rooms (with mirrors, hair- dryers, scales), audience stands, along with a set of complex baths (steam room, infrared sauna and sauna).

Through our sport complex, people can enjoy some outdoor activities and climbing is one of them. Climbing is the perfect tool for getting an all-round workout. Beginners can enjoy indoor climbing; they will be assigned under a certified instructor that will guide them throughout the whole process. Once the climbers get enough experience they can set out to climb the many famous mountain peaks available in Bjelasnica.

Located inside the sports complex center, there will be specific support areas for the fields, with sanitary facilities, dressing rooms, administrative office, box office, reception area, a medical center, gym, press room and meeting rooms (IT and audiovisuals).

The rest of the sports complex will include two football stadiums, basketball courts, volleyball, mini football and tennis grounds, a swimming pool, as well as hotel rooms for the athletes participating in training camps.

The highest point of Ozone concentration in all of Europe is located in Bjelasnica

Ozone is many times more effective because of the tri-atomic state of the oxygen atom which is highly excited and contains a great deal of healing energy. Ozone as well has a unique ability to kill every pathogen known to man but also to reduce most toxins to harmless breakdown chemicals.

It can and does help heal any injury very fast. The mechanism of this super therapeutic effect might be unknown exactly, but it is partially due to the fact that it kills any opportunistic infections that might inhibit the body and reduce the body’s healing efforts. Also, it is evident what super oxygenating the body can do for the healing of any injury. Athletes do not need to be told about the need to breathe oxygen on the playing field at times when they are depleted. That is why we think “Buroj Ozone” is perfect for the construction of Health resorts, Hospitals, Sport Complexes, and winter sport facilities.

We believe that our sport complexes would be the perfect opportunity for Football teams around the world to participate in training camps. Because of the naturally existing Ozone in the area, teams would enjoy a cleaner and fresher environment that can boost their performance. Our ski resorts would be the perfect destination for winter sports, and families seeking winter vacations. In summer people can enjoy a lot of activities in the mountains such as hiking, biking, picnics, sightseeing among many other activities.