A unique selection of restaurants where flavor and technique battle to deliver the finest cuisine

From traditional Asian cuisine, to western style barbecue, French or Italian, there is a large variety of delicious restaurants to choose from. Buroj Ozone will offer you a combination of luxury, beauty, wealth and high level of professional service, allowing you to experience it all in one place.

The chain of restaurants will be located in the center of the city and will be strategically placed around the Dancing Fountain. People can enjoy beautiful views and fountain shows, as well as many other events that will be centered around the dancing fountain area. The restaurants will be a great escape for people who are seeking to take a break either from shopping, sightseeing, sport activities, festivals, or any other kind of event that the city is going to provide.

Our luxury restaurants will be specialized in specific high quality cuisine. And because we understand that the atmosphere of the restaurant is a very important matter and a key point, the décor of these restaurants will feature higher-quality materials, and will be designed according to the specific atmosphere that the owner aspires for. Each detail no matter how small; will be paid attention to. Whether it’s the arrangements of lights, or daily specialties, everything will be designed in the best way to please both our customers, and clients.

The interiors of our luxury restaurants will be handled by our certified professionals. Our customers will have hundreds of options to choose from for their interiors. They can also work together with the designers to even set plans for their own desired interior. From floor tiles, to wallpapers, furniture and even appliances, our customers will have the reign to choose everything and anything their desire.

The restaurants will be equipped with the latest technology especially when it comes to the kitchen appliances and tools. Our restaurants will provide the following services:

  • Special reservations (group reservation, parties, etc.)
  • Unlimited fast Wi-Fi connections
  • A variety of international menus
  • Latest luxury interior designs
  • Highly trained staff
  • Spectacular view of the dancing fountain

With Buroj Ozone restaurants our customers will be able to experience luxury at its best.