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    Buroj International Group offers plots of land for sale that fall within the master plan of the city of Buroj Ozone in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is considered the largest integrated tourist city approved in Europe in partnership with the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which enjoys stunning views of the Olympic mountains and next to the city of Buroj Ozone the largest park in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be built. The city is 1,400 meters above sea level and saturated with healthy ozone gas.

  • The city will be open in the summer of 2020, and many events and activities will be in the city, such as Zip Line, Formulas, Sports fields, Parachute, Cable cars, Horse riding and other activities.
  • The city also consists of 75 hotels, 1000 villas and the largest health hospital with the latest technology and equipment. The city's first hotel will be opened next summer 2020.

  • The plots of lands offered for sale start from 300 square meters per piece, with special prices starting from 93,450 dirhams. You can also choose one of our designs ready to build your exclusive luxury villa or choose your own design.

    The engineering designs for the villas that can be built on the land you own have been made according to the following patterns:

  • The first type: Villa model with two bedrooms and lounge.
  • The second type: Villa model with three bedrooms and lounge.
  • The third type: Villa model with four bedrooms and lounge.
  • The fourth type: Villa model with five bedrooms and lounge.
  • The fifth type: Villa model with six bedrooms and lounge.

  • And you can choose between 5 types of villas shown above (2,3,4,5,6 rooms), one of the advantages of the city's location is that it is considered one of the most exclusive gatherings in the heart of Europe and in terms of a healthy and luxurious lifestyle in addition to its distinction as:

  • It is located near the city center, where it includes a group of restaurants that consist of 24 international restaurants around the largest fire-water dancing fountain in Europe.
  • It is located near the largest mall in Bosnia on an area of one million square feet, with all international brands
  • It is characterized by the presence of a fence and guard 24/7 with surveillance cameras and complete privacy for the residents.
  • There are gardens and playgrounds for children, tennis and basketball, in addition to the Olympic pool and health club, a private gym for men and women, with retail stores.

  • And for more details, please see our social media sites or contact us with the numbers/chat on the site.

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers


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Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

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