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Ozone Restaurant


    Own a real estate stake in the restaurant

    The total value of investment of 900,000 euros (nine hundred thousand euros only) in a restaurant with views directly on the largest fountain dancer in Europe and the percentage offered for sale only minimum investment and ownership starts from 9,000 euros equivalent to 39,600 AED.

  • Own a real estate stake in a restaurant for the largest integrated tourist city with an investment return of up to 20%.

  • (Buroj Ozone) Located in Europe in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo - the region of the Olympics mountains - which was held by the 2019 Olympic Games with the participation of 36 countries. This region enjoys stunning views and a favorable and moderate climate in all seasons of the year and this is what distinguishes your city of Brugge Ozone.

  • Real estate share gives you ownership forever and inherit to children.

  • Investment starts from € 9,000 (AED 39,600) to € 900,000 (AED 3,960,000) and can be traded at any time.

  • Profits are distributed according to your ownership percentage.

  • The restaurant will be completed within 4 to 6 months.

  • The investor in Buroj Ozon enjoys all the privileges enjoyed by the investor in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Buroj International Legal Department will prepare all the necessary documents to register your property and send the ownership contract to your place of residence.


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Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers Buroj Ozone Booking and Offers

For information about full return on investment please contact us

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Lowest amount of investment is: 9,000 EURO

Note: The amount AED 20,000 will be deducted from credit card as a maximum amount, It is estimated at 4,545 Euro and the remaining amount you could do a transfer from your bank account to Buroj International Group bank account.

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