One of our selling points in regards to the city of “Buroj Ozone” is (as the name indicates) Ozone. Ozone is naturally available in the atmosphere of the Olympic mountains of Bjelasnica located (location info) at the outskirts of the capital city Sarajevo.

You might ask yourself: why are we exactly stressing the point of Ozone, and why have we decided to even include it in the city name, is it really of that a great importance, or are we just trying to sugarcoat things?

To answer your questions, we will firstly try and explain what Ozone actually means, how it formulates, and the actual benefits that come along with it.

Some people might start by saying Wait a second! Isn’t Ozone actually poisonous?” and to that we will immediately reply “ABSOULUTLY NOT”. There is an urban myth going around about Ozone being poisonous or hazard to life; when in fact without the existence of Ozone in our atmosphere; life will for sure become extinct.

To try and explain Ozone more, we could start by explaining how the Oxygen actually benefits our systems. Everybody knows that Oxygen is a very important component of our body, it is also the main source for the activation of our cells; which in return will insure the good function of our organs. With our busy lifestyles we usually don’t have time for exercise and are usually living in highly polluted areas that put stress on our lungs leaving us with low levels of Oxygen. There are many studies that have linked the lack of Oxygen with a higher probability of acquiring a disease or an illness.

How does the Ozone formulate and what is its relationship with Oxygen?

Some people think that Ozone and Oxygen are two different things, when in fact they are partially the same. Ozone is merely three parts of Oxygen that are produced naturally in the atmosphere, it is created by the action of ultraviolet light or a strong electrical field (such as lightening) that splits O2 and allows single atoms to join another O2 creating the Ozone (O3).

Have you ever wondered what is that sweet smell we detect after a lightning storm passes by? It is simply the effect of lightning on Oxygen, which indicates that our nature actually has its own way of cleansing the atmosphere around us from contamination. As we have mentioned before scientists have proven and published many scientific papers indicating that Ozone is lethal to almost all viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells. One of the reasons of why diseases and illnesses such as Cancer have become very widespread is the ozone pollution. In recent years the oxygen level has dropped dramatically compared to the last two centuries. In fact, in Tokyo the oxygen levels were so low that they started giving people oxygen bars for free. In Germany Ozone could be acquired in any hospital and a similar example would be; Las Vegas in the USA were casinos pump oxygen into the rooms to insure that gamblers don’t get tired and continue gambling.

“Ozone can do Miracles”.

Pure ozone, eliminates everything that is bad for you and in fact, can save your life.
There are many ways of which Ozone can be used to save life, it can be injected to parts of the body like your ear, your rectum, it could be merged with water or olive oil, etc. each method has its own benefits. One of the factors of why Ozone is considered to do miracles is the fact that it can activate immunocompetent cells; meaning it helps strengthen your immune system, which in return helps in eliminating everything that could pose a danger of getting a disease or any kind of illness, because 99% of diseases CAN NOT live in active oxygen.

The ozone activates the RBC metabolism and improves the red cell’s ability to release oxygen that is later absorbed by your tissues. This in return helps with the regeneration of tissues; preventing tumors, and stopping cancer cells from spreading. There are many other benefits to Ozone, and here are our top 10 Ozone benefits:

  • Vitality booster (gives you energy)
  • Neutralizes environmental toxicity and detoxifies every cell body
  • Kills parasites, and stops cancer cells.
  • Improves digestion and mineral absorption.
  • Improves your heart function and helps in preventing sudden heart attacks.
  • Speeds recovery
  • Purifies liver
  • Oxygenates spleen
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Prevents asthma and allergies

The first benefit is very important especially for athletes. Let’s say there is an athlete in your family and he is aiming for the Olympics, instead of cheating using drugs for energy enhancements, Ozone would be a perfect legal way to acquire more strength for competitions, and it actually has led many athletes into beating their own records.

You may now have a small idea of how important Ozone really is. This is why we chose to make our project in this specific location.

So, what exactly makes Bjelasnica different than any other place?
As we have mentioned in the beginning our project will be located in the Olympic mountains of Bjelasnica. The mountains are located in Central Bosnia and Herzegovina, southeast of Sarajevo. Bjelasnica’s tallest peak would be Mountain Igman with the height of 2067 meters (6782 feet), other notable peaks include Krvavac (2061 meters), Mali Vlahinja (2055 meters), and Hranisava (1964 meters). Bjelasnica is only 20 munutes’ distance from Sarajevo, it is bordered by the Rakitnica in the south, the Neretva in the west, Mt Igman in the north-east and Mt Ivan in the north-west.

Bjelasnica is the perfect place for Skiing and hiking activities and it actually was the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics. The Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain Ski Centre and its facilities are all located on the eastern slope of Bjelašnica main summit. When it comes to hiking there are a number of popular hikes such as the “Josipova Staza” which actually approaches Bjelasnica’s main summit.

The highest Ozone concentration point in all of Europe located in Bjelasnica.

That is why we think “Buroj Ozone” is perfect for the construction of Health resorts, Hospitals, Sport Complexes, and Winter sport facilities.

We believe that our sport complexes would be the perfect opportunity for Football teams around the world to participate in training camps. Because of the naturally existing Ozone in the area, teams would enjoy a cleaner and fresher environment that can boost their performance. Our ski resorts are the perfect destination for winter sports, and families seeking winter vacations. In summer people can enjoy a lot of activities in the mountains such as hiking, biking, picnics, sightseeing among many other activities.

Our city “Buroj Ozone” has its own specific set of unique attractions that have you have never seen the likes of them in all of Eastern Europe Region.

For more information in regards to the attractions please follow this link.