International Hospital

“Buroj Ozone International Hospital” the first advanced technological hospital of its kind in the region.

Buroj Ozone International Hospital has an advantage that makes it very unique in the world and that is ozone. As we have mentioned in our section: Ozone Can Do Miracles (click here for information on how Ozone is very beneficial). The environment in which the hospital is located is very rich with O3, which is a very essential and beneficial part in curing many diseases.

For many types of diseases, the regeneration of tissues is a very important factor; and in order for regeneration to be successful; huge amounts of Oxygen (Ozone) are needed. This is why the location of the hospital could be one of its most important advantages.

Buroj Ozone Hospital will be specialized in different types of medical treatments, and will include a set of health and wellness spas, exclusive only for the customers and clients of the hospital. It will be an ideal place for rehabilitation and relaxation.

Choice of male or female doctor? Need of an immediate appointment? Dispensing pharmacy service? No problem. Buroj International Hospital offers you quick, effective, diagnosis and treatments that are available when you need it.

Buroj Ozone International Hospital will provide the highest standards of care. Whether it is a medical advice, diagnosis or an ordinary prescription, our hospital will provide the very best treatment for conditions including cancer, lung diseases, heart problems (cardiology), neurological and spinal conditions.

As well as being equipped with the most advanced technology and diagnostic equipment, the hospital will also consist of talented doctors and consultants that will be among the most respected in the world, helping patients with some of the most complex medical problems.

Because of the environment in which the hospital is located in, curing lung and cancer related diseases would be a key point in our strategy. As we have mentioned before, the regeneration of tissues is a very important factor and ozone plays a key part in the process. Buroj Ozone international hospital has a philosophy of minimally invasive surgery, striving for the least possible destruction of healthy tissues, and also has a goal of providing treatment without surgery whenever possible.

Our hospital will be the perfect opportunity for any kind of rehabilitation process. The extensive range of medical treatments includes prevention as well as outpatient rehabilitation. At our health and wellness spa resorts, discerning patients receive top-class service in all rehabilitation disciplines.

Instead of using injections, machines, or ozonized water or oil, our patients will have direct access to pure ozone; maybe through taking a 10-minute walk on many of the Walking tracks and paths available in the city, participating in sports activities held in the surrounding areas, or simply through residing for a period of time in any of the residential buildings of the city.

Buroj Ozone International hospital is the only one of its kind in the region and aims to be the model on which other hospitals can bench-mark their best practices on. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and medical facilities of which some are not even available in other countries, it also has advanced infrastructure and extremely high standards of rehabilitation and post-operative care.