Buroj Ozone

The largest tourist city in South Eastern Europe is being built in the metropolis of Trnovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Along the skyline of heavenly surroundings with fresh water rivers and magnificent mountain ranges of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is the perfect place filled with greenery. Strategically placed here, it is "Buroj Ozone". Bosnia and Herzegovina has ozone naturally present in the country. This is the reason how "Buroj Ozone" will provide the most healthy and revitalizing dwelling standarts in the region through its luxury villas, hotel apartments and the rest of the complex.

Why the name Ozone? Ozone is a combination of three oxygen atoms chemically combined together when the harmful Ultra Violet radiation passes through it. This is the layer that protects all humanity from the UV rays and excessive heat from the Sun. "Buroj Ozone" provides the same concept of safety forming the healthy environment from all the harming pollutants of our industrial ecology.

The entire complex will provide its guests with luxury and comfort in top class standarts. Guests will have the chance to touch the sky through riding the longest zipline in the Europe whilst enjoying the stunning dancing fountain views. They may reach the peak of Mt. Igman by unbelievable Buroj Teleferic experience that speeds up to 100km/h while thinking what to buy from brand new Zayed Mall that takes the understading of shopping into a whole new level including more than 800 stores and being the laargest in the region.

The restaurants in Buroj Ozone City will deliver world class service in both international and local cousines, from Asian to European or from African to Bosnian and Herzegovinian foods. You will only have a hard time choosing among more than 100 options.

We have thought about your kids too. They will have a perfect opportunity to have a blast of their childhood period while developing their sport skills in football, basketball, tennis, skiing or even in extreme sports as rock climbing that will be all accessible in Buroj Sports Complex.

Not done yet! How about health? Buroj Ozone City is an amazing place for healthcare. Buroj International Hospital will provide its guests with the newest medical treatment technology, powered by pure ozone naturally present in the city, to cure any sort of illnesses or diseases, from simple flu to cancer.

Key points to consider:

  • Largest technologically advanced development project in South East Europe
  • A complete city that provides luxury living on competitive cost
  • The centralized business oriented area for global outreach
  • A catalyst for Image building of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • A landmark for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and our respective clients
  • A turning point for international trade and employment rise instantaneously
  • Almost more than 4.5 Billion KM / 2.3 Billion Euros of investment injected directly by Buroj Property Development